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"Hello! I'm Erin Foote Morgan. I'm running to create new pathways to prosperity for rural Oregonians."

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Meet Erin

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As a mom of four, a former COCC instructor and administrator, a small business owner and a 19-year resident of Central Oregon--I'm passionate about the life-changing value of higher education for my kids and my neighbors in COCC's Zone 7 

Our family loves our semi-rural lifestyle in Deschutes River Woods. Chopping wood as a family for the wood stove. Fresh air. Lots of room for dogs. Tons of privacy. Our place feels a lot like where I'm from in Anchorage, Alaska. 


But living out of town presents challenges, too. Transit is virtually non-existent. Broadband isn't always reliable. And accessing higher education is difficult for many of our neighbors throughout southern Deschutes and northern Klamath Counties. 

I'm running for the COCC board of directors because I want to expand opportunities and remove barriers for rural Oregonians to access higher education---both in-person and right in their own homes. ​

From business classes, to trade apprenticeships to technical certificates, COCC is one of the most powerful opportunities people in our district have for transforming their lives--and one of the most important partners in economic development and job creation in rural communities. These outcomes benefit all of us. 


I am dedicated to ensuring rural Oregonians living in COCC's Zone 7 have clear and easy access to the financial success and personal fulfillment achieved through higher education, and that our communities continue to thrive through vibrant partnerships with COCC. 

Erin's priorities

  • Economic development

  • Workforce development

  • Broadband improvements

  • Access to higher education

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